RetailPROCESS Extensions


Working closely with our customers, Sable has extended Microsoft Dynamics AX to address additional requirements for Retailers.

Expansions to full loyalty/membership programs include: allowing the customer to be identified at any point in the retail cycle; onscreen membership details; full editing capability; plus much more.

Localisation for Australia and New Zealand EFTPOS processing. Other integrations include Givex.

Expanded Warehouse Management including full RF enabled operation. Receipting, Put Away, Cross Docking, Picking Waves for Stores and On line Ordering, Bulk Pick areas to support promotions and sales, expanded Quality Control, rework etc.

Ratio packing (Multi-packs) for size/colour; Creation of Store to Store Transfers via RF device (Web page); Store stock take.

Microsoft Dynamics Extension modules to support Demand Planning and Daily Store Replenishment activity. Sales curves, user definable algorithms, workflow review & approval all within Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Full tracking and supplier portal collaboration to ensure accurate forecasting of shipments and arrivals. Full cost allocation of all in bound costing by SKU to deliver accurate product margins.

Storing of rates by transport option and internally created freight charges. Freight invoice matching and reconciliation. Load Planning and transport cost optimisation.

Expansion of standard Dynamics AX for PLM. Full cycle of product design, samples, margin analysis, catalogue and product searching. Use standard Dynamics AX 2012 workflow to approve and create all approved SKU combinations.     


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