Enterprise Collaboration & Optimization (ECO)

Blue Horseshoe's ECO solution is a collaborative extension of your enterprise systems into your trading partner community. Create an interactive execution platform across your global supply chain, enabling import/export management, delivery forecast, supplier performance scorecard, and document collaboration. ECO offers workflow driven execution, accurate information, personalised alerting, document collaboration as well as cloud availability for real-time access.

Benefits Include:

-  Integration with your supplier community to provide real-time execution in the Purchase Order lifecycle

-  Import/Export Management

-  Delivery Forecast

-  Supplier Performance Scorecard

-  Document Collaboration

-  Collaborate with your transportation and freight providers to ensure on time delivery and pickup

-  Shipment Status

-  Appointment Scheduling

-  Load Tender

-  In Transit visibility

-  Minimize Delivery Disruptions

-  Real-time visibility to orders

-  Improved Customer Satisfaction

-  Delivery Forecast Visibility

For more details on Blue Horseshoe's WMS suite of solutions, visit this page.

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