Business Intelligence as a Service (BIAS)

As part of Blue Horseshoe's WMS suite, BIAS integrates seamlessly into your existing Dynamics AX system, Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) or Transportation Management System (TMS) to provide real-time data for fulfilment invoicing, freight reconciliation and carrier performance. It uses several engines to aggregate and consolidate information from multiple data sources to provide clarity, continuity, and completeness across the enterprise.

Specifically, the engines used in BIAS are:

Bi Engine - performs business intelligence reporting and presents aggregated information in real-time.

Fulfillment Invoicing - third-party logistics billing and invoicing platform, that provides transactional and storage-based fees services to customers. This engine also harvests transactions generated by your WMS or Enterprise System.

Freight Reconciliation – Enables freight bill settlement, and proof of delivery, plus automates many processes including freight bill payments in-house, matching of freight bill types and generates accounts payable transactions.

Carrier Performance – Evaluates on-time delivery metrics by carrier and accesses delivery performance against carrier commitments.

For more details on Blue Horseshoe's WMS suite of solutions, visit this page.

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