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The Advanced Warehouse Management Solutions (WMS) for Dynamics AX 2012 is comprised of a collection of solutions developed by Blue Horseshoe.
These were designed to extend base functionality of Microsoft’s powerful Dynamics AX 2012 ERP system.

Blue Horseshoe’s Warehouse Management Solutions for Dynamics AX consist of:

                                        Warehouse Management for AX (WAX) 

                                        Transport Management for AX (TRAX) 

                                Enterprise Collaboration & Optimisation (ECO)
                                    Business Intelligence as a Service (BIAS)

With Blue Horseshoe’s advanced Warehouse Management Solutions, create a ‘best of the best’ operations support ecosystem for your customers, suppliers, carriers and trading partners. The suite enables full trading partner integration, import/export management, document workflow and real time visibility, around the clock.

Revolutionize your labour costs by enabling Material Handling Automation, Workload Balancing, Advanced Cross Docking and flow through operations support, thus eliminating many steps that result in significant inefficiencies and a decrease to labour costs.

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