The most innovative and reliable solution 
                        for food & beverage manufacturers

is a user friendly, sophisticated solution designed specifically for food and beverage manufacturers. Built on trusted Microsoft Dynamics AX technology, FoodProcess consolidates many processes into one seamless solution, automating many manual functions, and resulting in far more efficient overall productivity. 

Today’s food and beverage manufacturers demand the highest level of productivity, whilst meeting strict quality control requirements, ensuring minimum wastage and meeting profitability goals. FoodProcess provides the flexibility and control needed to meet your business’s needs.

By implementing FoodProcess to your business, you'll see many benefits:

- Effortlessly meet safety and compliance requirements with FoodProcess’s detailed reporting functionality

- Ensure traceability of your products, from source to end-customer

- Supports complete formula and recipe management

- Effective warehouse management, ensuring no-fuss coordination of the shelf-life (FEFO) of your ingredients

- Improve productivity and ultimately profitability by streamlining production planning

- Minimise waste and manage any co-products / by-products

Sable Systems have strengthened Microsoft Dynamics AX in many areas, including demand planning, product lifecycle management, supply chain, landed costing, promotional planning and warehouse management. Take advantage of our expanded expertise and let FoodProcess manage your entire scope of operations.


Many companies still have an independent quality system for recording tests and results, the issue here is that all this information is usually hidden from the main operating system, or are keyed in separately leaving you with a possibility of two versions of the truth, by integrating quality into MOM you will unlock an information goldmine.

Remember the days when test results were written on a form and then just filed away, well those days are long gone, Quality results today will be used to update the product characteristic or batch attribute information for materials or finished items such as Brix, temperature, chemical breakdown, fat content and percent weight.

When full integration is adopted in Dynamics AX 2012 these attributes can be used for material batch selection, as the potency of an active ingredient can differ per batch, the quantities of active, compensating, and filler ingredients for a batch order need to be balanced to accommodate the amount of material that is required for production, Restrict inventory reservation/selection for customers based on Customer specific batch attributes / values or calculate batch attribute pricing, take the purchase price and divide it by the batch attribute target to get a price per unit at 100% concentration. Then multiply by the batch attribute actual value. 


How many times have you have demand out strip supply for a bulk product, and spend hours of days trying to balance out the packing schedule, Or just having tanks of product for packing in various container, then after packing finding you still have product remaining in the tank and having that rush of trying to work out what you have packaging available for, and is it the product with demand.

Dynamics AX 2012 Process manufacturing, for example Food processing, chemical, and pharmaceutical companies, produce and quarantine bulk items for quality inspection. After quality approval, the inventory of the bulk items is transferred to a temporary storage tank or dispensed directly into different pack sizes. The packaging is designed into different size containers or into containers with different labels according to the customer's requirements. By grouping the bulk and packed orders together, the total bulk produced and consumed can be calculated and adjusted at the bulk and/or packed orders levels displaying displays a running totals, the total yield for the process can also be determined. With the use of product sequencing for the packouts setup times can also be reduced.

The following clip is a quick demonstration of the power of Containerized Packaging.


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