PLM (Product Lifecycle Management)


ICON AX – PLM is the leading global solution for Product Lifecycle Management, built entirely within Microsoft Dynamics AX2012. By using the core functionality of Dynamics AX as a foundation, ICON AX - PLM has been developed as a complementary solution, working with AX, not over the top of it.
ICON AX - PLM draws information from AX 2012 (Inventory Management, Traded Agreement and Request for Quotation), enabling a deeper tool set, promoting industry best practice and extended saving in costs, time and administration resources.

Ideal for businesses in the design and manufacture industry, ICON AX – PLM’s value-add is second to none. 


Quite simply, ICON AX - PLM is a tool that adds value to every organisation and is a great add-on to AX2012.  The new release of this product is scheduled for mid/late 2013. Please call or email to discuss how this module can improve your business or CLICK HERE to be directed to the ICON AX website for even more detailed information. You can also download the full PLM brochure by clicking on this button -->

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