Professional Services

We have been helping our professional services clients who:

·   Want innovative, high-quality work completed on their schedule and within their budget limitations;

Need to manage the company to achieve maximum customer satisfaction and profitability, portfolio and business alignment and responsiveness to change; Need to focus their time working on projects as oppose to doing paperwork;

·    Want to manage teams better and deliver projects on time and within budget,whose teams require accurate time, expense, and status reporting as well as resource and skill optimisation;

·    Require accurate invoicing, high quality customer service, collaboration and dispute resolution; using a flexible, technologically advanced world leading business solution developed by the world leaders in business software, Microsoft; our most complete Professional Services solutions are catered for.

Registration and Data Entry

·    Itemising of project costs, employee hours, materials used,fees incurred by the customer and journalising;

·    Remote hours entry over the Internet;

·    Creation of project hierarchies.


·    By each project or project group, with itemised time and resource costs;

·    By sub-project(s) making it possible to have a single project with multiple invoices for different customers;

·    Approval procedures for invoices and tracking of pre-payments for applications to future invoices;

·    Entry of project costs directly into accounts payable or purchase orders;

·    Capture of chartable and non-chartable costs;

·    Adjustment of transactions before creating invoice proposals and of invoice proposals prior to final invoicing.

Project Management

·    Break down of time and materials used on projects and assignment of individual hours or items to sub-projects for more detailed control of costs and consumables;

Saving of project structures so that budgets, sub-projects and activities can be copied from previous projects and applied as a template to new projects;

·    Scheduling of tasks and allocation of resources and capacity to future tasks.


·    Tight integration with general ledger functionality, enabling dimensions to be applied to every transaction in a project;

·    Detailed posting profiles so that transactions can be posted to specified ledger accounts according to pre-set criteria.

Inquiry and Reporting

·    Extended reporting with load and save capabilities;

·    Comparison of project budgets to consumption over a period of time;

·    Easy tracing of transaction details for single or group projects.

Large Contract Management

·    Management of the finances of fixed-price projects or projects with a mix of fixed-price and time and materials components;

·    Multiple options for financial management of fixed-price projects, such as recognising costs and revenue at intervals in profit and loss (P&L) statements as the project progresses or upon project completion;

·    Capitalisation of costs of an investment project while in progress and elimination of the WIP value to a fixed asset, a ledger account, or as cost to a new project upon project completion.

Work in Process Projects

·    Creation of estimates to control work in process (WIP) based on completed percentage or completed contract;

Periodic matching of cost and revenue in the same ledger period and accrual of revenue on time of the cost; alternatively, movement of the cost to the time of the revenue by posting WIP to cost value or sales value;

·    Handling of WIP on time and material, fixed-price and investment projects;

·    WIP accounts collecting transactions that don’t affect the profit and loss statement during the course of the project;

Tracking of projects that use WIP accounts and movement of transactions between WIP accounts and P&L accounts in the general ledger.

Project Costs and Performance

Calculation of consumption on individual cost groups, such as hours spent or materials consumed on a given project, subproject, or group of projects.


·    Choice of 14 posting principles to apply to internal, time and material and fixed-price projects;

·    Setting of controls so that employees can enter data only for categories or projects that are relevant to their jobs.

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