TARGIT Decision Suite

TARGIT is the leader in Business Intelligence & Analytics for AX users. TARGIT allows you to slice and dice data in any way you can imagine, and make well informed decisions based on facts.

This exciting Business Intelligence Tool from Denmark covers your Microsoft Dynamics AX managed data by analysing your KPIs in clear graphs and dynamic tables. The TARGIT Decision suite also automates your reporting tasks, allowing you the extra time to optimize your operations.

Pooled together with a strong and seamless integration with all major technology providers, the new standard in usability of the TARGIT Business Intelligence Tool is the platform chosen by companies from around the globe.

Additionally, with TARGIT’s mobile functionality, you can stay up to date on your business status with access to your data on any device, anytime, anywhere.

Implemented on your AX solution within just a few hours, TARGIT Decision Suite is integrated with a wide array of functions, meaning you get not just the best reporting tool, you have a full BI and Analytics solution with dashboards, analyses, predictive analytics, Big Data technology, and much more to keep your business on track.

Best in class BI & Analytics

Fast Analytics – also on Big Data: TARGIT #SocialAnalytics shows you what your customers are saying about your products or services in social media channels such as Twitter – and how it affects your business.

Or you can perform ad hoc analytics on the fly by dragging and dropping your spreadsheets into TARGIT Xbone (crossbone).

Intelligent Wizard: Simply type in what you would like to see in your report or analysis, and the Intelligent Wizard will give it to you in a matter of seconds. Yes, it is that simple!

Now, data presented in cross-tabs, graphs, and diagrams show the connections within the data that were impossible to see before.

Analyses: Analyses are never static. You can always dig deeper and slice and dice the data in new ways. This is done easily by clicking on the object you wish to explore further. No need to wait for experts or external consultants to change predefined analyses. You can get you answer instantly.

Customize graphs and all other objects to ensure the most visually appealing presentation of data. To get going, TARGIT comes with a set of predefined reports and analyses for NAV and AX.

Reports: Automate your daily reporting needs. Distribute reports automatically via your company’s intranet, external portals, or through e-mail to individuals, small groups, departments, or all employees in the company.

Your reports are dynamic and interactive. Simply click or touch the figures you wish to analyze to drill into your reports. TARGIT lets you open detailed analyses from any figure in a report.

Real-time notifications: Get notified instantly when changes occur! TARGIT’s real-time notifications allow a strong competitive edge without constantly having to monitor data. This intelligent feature does the work for you, and informs you when it is time to start worrying or start celebrating.

Predictive Analytics with Sentinels: Sentinels are prediction based rules that allow you to receive early warnings. Sentinels warn you about possible changes in advance by expanding the timeframe for the notification agents that give you real-time alerts.

Search in unstructured data: The Intelligent Search (TARGIT patent) allows you to learn more about the context of any active analysis. A single click combines structured analysis data with unstructured data from your e-mails and other documents.

Intelligent Dashboards: Dashboards and scorecards give an overview of your company’s performance through interactive gauges, trend indicators, and built-in intelligence. Dashboards are set up easily with customized gauges to illustrate company brand or product focus. TARGIT dashboards will motivate your staff by showing clear goals for performance, and inspire everyone to take action.

Storyboards: Share your real-time analyses or dashboards. Publish as a video, a slide show, or a podcast. Distribute data on flat screens to inspire everyone in your organization to act in accordance with the company’s objectives.

What-If Simulations: Learn how your KPIs will change globally if, for example, revenue or production costs change on global or local scales. The What-If Simulations feature drills down the information you already have given the TARGIT solution.

Multilingual: View your analyses in your own language, or share analyses with foreign speaking colleagues. Regardless of the language you chose when creating the analysis, you are able to view it in all accessible languages.

Plus much more!



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